• 3D printed iPhone case Voronoi #1 - for the 5 / 5s
  • 3D printed iPhone case Voronoi #1 - for the 5 / 5s

This 3D printed iPhone case has been designed following Apple’s strict guidelines for iPhone cases – this assures a precise and tight fit and unconstrained functionality.

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The Strong & Flexible material is durable enough to keep your iPhone completely safe when dropped. It can be combined with commercially available screen protectors. I would recommend combining it with the InvisibleShield for a nice combo protection.
Also, it is dishwasher-safe. If your case gets dirty over time, put it in your dishwasher and it will look brand new!

If you find that you accidentally touch the part of the iPhone antenna that reduces reception, you won’t have that problem with this case. If you usually talk with your iPhone in your left hand, and if you are often in areas with marginal signal coverage, this case will make it less likely for you to lose a signal and drop a call.

Playing games or using the GPS raises your iPhone’s body heat much. That’s because you use your CPU at max. According to Apple’s knowledge-base, if the interior temperature of the device exceeds normal operating temperatures, you may experience the following as it attempts to regulate its temperature: Device stops charging, Display dims, Weak cellular signal, Camera flash is disabled, Temperature warning screen appears with the message “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”. To help your iPhone keep normal operating temperatures, you should use a bumper or a case such as this one, since it does not cover the back of the iPhone and does not trap the heat inside.


Inspired by the use of Voronoi diagrams in a large number of fields ranging from Astronomy to Zoology, we created various artifacts featuring complex voronoi structures.

Voronoi diagrams have been used by anthropologists to describe regions of influence of different cultures; by crystallographers to explain the structure of certain crystals and metals; by ecologists to study competition between plants; and by economists to model markets in the U.S. economy. [David Austin, Grand Valley State University]
In mathematics, a Voronoi diagram is a special kind of decomposition of a metric space, determined by distances to a specified family of objects (subsets) in the space. [Wikipedia]

This case doesn’t distract much from the feel of the iPhone. It has the advantage of being the “un-case” because it is so minimal and does not cover the front or the back of the iPhone. Neither the sides.

It doesn’t distract from the design of the iPhone either. The problem with traditional cases is that they completely cover up the iPhone. Using a traditional case you end up feeling like you are holding rubber in your hand when you hold your iPhone. The iPhone’s design is really amazing and it would be a pity to hide. The case allows both the design to show and a quite smooth feel instead.

Easy to use

This case allows to plug in the iPhone’s dock connector without removing the case, while all controls and connections remain accessible.


Recommended material for purchase: Strong & Flexible (any color).


To put the iPhone in the case, start at one of the top corners. To take it out, start from the bottom corners where there are no buttons.

Video demonstration

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